How to Join Civil Air Patrol


Hey Guys! Todays post will be on How To Join Civil Air Patrol(CAP) as a cadet. So maybe you have seen things about CAP on the internet that really intrigued you and you really want to join. The first step in doing this would be to visit a CAP squadron. To start this process, go to the website: On the right side of this page where it says: “find a squadron near you” enter your postal code or city and state, and it will find a CAP squadron near you.

After you find your nearest squadron, it will show you the squadrons website or Facebook page where you can find their meeting nights. The next step is to visit this squadron on their meeting night, to find out if CAP is really for you.

If you find out that CAP is for you, the next step is to go to two more CAP meetings after your first one, this is the first requirement to become a member. When you attend three CAP meetings in total, the last step is to tell a Senior member at your squadron that you are ready to join. Some squadrons make you complete an application and send it by mail, and others let you complete this process online.

After you sign up and are officially a member, you will receive your first leadership book, CAP identification card, and aerospace books in the mail in a few days. Congratulations! You are now a member of CAP!

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