Ways that Homeschoolers can get involved in the community

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Hey Guys! Todays subject will be on: Ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

So I know for some home schoolers it is difficult to get out and get involved in the same things as teens that go to public schools. Most high schools and middle schools will not let home schoolers get involved with school clubs, activities, and sport teams. So here are some ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

1 – Join your local home school group: You can look up home school groups for your area and join at a very low cost. Most groups will go monthly and do activities, and some even have sports teams for home schoolers.

2 – Find out a career that you like and research it: There are many advantages of home schooling, one is that you have a very flexible schedule. In your area, look for different career exploring opportunities such as police, fire department, and nurse exploring. You can also look for apprenticeship opportunities for skilled labor jobs such as; carpentry, plumbing, and landscaping.

3 – If you like sports, get involved in your local recreation center: Most recreation center offer a variety of sports for all different ages. All home schoolers and public schoolers can participate in these sports.

4- If you want to be in the military: There are so many opportunities out there for youth and teens that want to join the military. Some of these organizations are better than others, but here is a short list. Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets. The Young Marines is a great way to get a head start if you want to join the Marine Corps, to join, you have to be between the ages of 8 and 18. Civil Air Patrol is great for teens that want to join the Air Force, to join as a cadet, you have to be between the ages of 12 and 18. By being in the Civil Air Patrol for 3 years, or until you reach the rank of 2nd L.T, when you are ready to join the Air Force, you can join as a E-3. Last but not least, the Sea Cadets is great for you if you want to join the US Navy.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments leave them below, or email me at gavyn@flylikeaneagle.info

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