Music Monday: 5 Best Songs For Your Workout Playlist

Good morning guys! Every Monday I will write a new post about something music related from the best playlists to tips on learning how to play an instrument. Todays post, will be on 5 Best Songs For Your Workout Playlist.

  1. -“Not Gonna Die” by Skillet. This is from Skillets ninth studio album, Rise. Not Gonna Die was Skillets fourth single,    released on June 10.
  2. “Machinehead” by Bush. Although an older released from Bush, this song in still a hit today and has been featured in many video games and movies. “Machinehead” was realised on April 9, 1996 as the fifth and last single from Bush’s 1994 album, Sixteen Stone.
  3. “Warriors”, by Imagine Dragons. First released on September 18, 2014 as a hit single, “Warriors” was made for a League of Legends music video. This soon made it a hit, and it was featured in the tv show, “Colony”, and the final trailer for Wonder Woman.
  4. “Bring It”, by Trapt. Although not as popular as the others, this Trapt single realised on December 7, 2011, will still make you do that last push up or rep.
  5. “In Waves” by Trivium. Released in August of 2011, In Waves has been played all around the world and has sold more than 81,000 copies.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why are these semi heavy metal songs good for working out?” A study at The University of Queensland found that heavy metal music can reduce stress, and help to control your emotions such and anger and sadness. But when chosing good songs to workout to, pick songs with a fast tempo that will keep you going and make you want to keep up. Base the music that you choose of the music that you regularly listen to and enjoy, this will keep you focused on your workout or whatever you are doing. Studys have shown that people work harder in their workout when listening to some kind of music even if it is not heavier music. So pick the music that you like and enjoy your workout. If you enjoyed this post, post leave a comment below, or in the contact bar at the top of the page.




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