Why Having Goals Is So Important

Hey Guys! Todays post will be on Why Having Goals Is So Important.

Most of us have heard time and time again that we need to set goals for ourselves, but does it really help us to stay on track and motivated? We will talk about two kinds of goals; Shorts term goals, and Long term goals.

Short term goals are great for when you are first starting things. For example me starting this blog, I set a short-term goal of blogging everyday for a while untilI get 40 daily readers of this blog. By setting short-term goals, this helps to keep us on path to accomplish the task that we want to complete. When we set short-term goals, these are meant to be very short time goals. You may set goals for a few days or for a week, but short-term goals aren’t meant to last a long period of time. Short term goals are basically breaking larger things into smaller things to accomplish them.



Long term goals are set when you have already competed your Short term goals. Long term goals help us to stay on track for the long run. These goal are more monthly or yearly goals, a lot longer than Short term goals. Example of these goals would be to workout once everyday for a year or for a month.

Setting goals help us more than just keeping ourselves accountable they also help us to stay confident in ourselves. Maybe your goal is to accomplish something that all of your friends have failed at. When you stay on track with your goal, your goal now seems more than just a dream.


Goals also help you to hold yourself accountable. When you keep track of your goal and keep updating it, you can look back to see how far you have come since the beginning. You might also see that the goal you have set for yourself is to large, so you might need to make it more of a short-term goal.

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5 Ways You Can Look Good For Cheap

Hey guys! Todays post will be on 5 Ways You Can Look Good For Cheap, and I hope it will be of help to teenaged males who want to look good for cheap.

  1. Find a good deal on nice clothing: When most teens think about how they can dress nicer but at a lower cost, their mind automatically thinks the answer would be to buy the cheapest clothing. But what they don’t think about is that most cheap clothing will be of poor quality and will wear out very quick, which will result in having to restock on clothing every few months or so. When you are having to purchase new clothing every few months, this will result in youlosing lots of money that you might not even think about because you are so used to this idea. The solution to this problem is to buy better quality clothing, at the best price you can find. Always keep your eye out when in a store or online shopping for the best deal. Just think about it, if you buy better quality clothes cheaper and it last you longer, are you really saving money when buying poorer quality clothes at the cheapest price?
  2. Make you wardrobe interchangeable: When expanding your wardrobe, don’t have one shirt that matches this pair of pants, or one jacket that matches this one pair of pants. Buy clothing that all matches. Now I know this might be a shocker to some teens that enjoy having separate outfits, but trust me, this will save you tons of money. Go with the neutral colors such as gray, navy blue, khaki, white, and other colors. Now i’m not saying that you can’t keep your bright-colored shirts that you wear at the beach, but only keep a few.
  3. You don’t need that much footwear: I have seen many teens with footwear that match only one or two outfits that they own, with this habit, you will soon see a large loss in money going mainly toward footwear. When buying footwear, buy neutral colors that will match almost all of your clothing. Buy causal footwear instead of wearing tennis shoes or sneakers because these tend to be more pricy than causal footwear.
  4. Take care of the clothing that you purchase: I know for some, this may be something that they practice regularly, but it might be something worth taking into consideration for others. Everyone knows this, if you take care of your clothing it will last a longer time than if you didn’t. Don’t wear your nicest clothing when you are going to be outside your house mowing the yard all day, choose your older, worn out clothing for this activity. Also, when you keep your clothing in good shape, you will later have the option of selling your clothing for a profit.
  5. It’s the little things that will be noticed: In conclusion to this post, you can buy the nicest clothing available, but if you do not wash, iron, or match your clothing, your outfit is basically destroyed. When you pick the clothing that you are going to wear, make sure it is ironed because people really notice the little things that are wrong with your clothing. It is super easy to make sure that your clothing matches and it really pays of in the long run with a handsome look.

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Music Monday: 5 Best Songs For Your Workout Playlist

Good morning guys! Every Monday I will write a new post about something music related from the best playlists to tips on learning how to play an instrument. Todays post, will be on 5 Best Songs For Your Workout Playlist.

  1. -“Not Gonna Die” by Skillet. This is from Skillets ninth studio album, Rise. Not Gonna Die was Skillets fourth single,    released on June 10.
  2. “Machinehead” by Bush. Although an older released from Bush, this song in still a hit today and has been featured in many video games and movies. “Machinehead” was realised on April 9, 1996 as the fifth and last single from Bush’s 1994 album, Sixteen Stone.
  3. “Warriors”, by Imagine Dragons. First released on September 18, 2014 as a hit single, “Warriors” was made for a League of Legends music video. This soon made it a hit, and it was featured in the tv show, “Colony”, and the final trailer for Wonder Woman.
  4. “Bring It”, by Trapt. Although not as popular as the others, this Trapt single realised on December 7, 2011, will still make you do that last push up or rep.
  5. “In Waves” by Trivium. Released in August of 2011, In Waves has been played all around the world and has sold more than 81,000 copies.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why are these semi heavy metal songs good for working out?” A study at The University of Queensland found that heavy metal music can reduce stress, and help to control your emotions such and anger and sadness. But when chosing good songs to workout to, pick songs with a fast tempo that will keep you going and make you want to keep up. Base the music that you choose of the music that you regularly listen to and enjoy, this will keep you focused on your workout or whatever you are doing. Studys have shown that people work harder in their workout when listening to some kind of music even if it is not heavier music. So pick the music that you like and enjoy your workout. If you enjoyed this post, post leave a comment below, or in the contact bar at the top of the page.




Sunshine Sunday: Isaiah 40:31 KJV


Hey guys! Every Sunday I will be writing a blog post called, Sunshine Sunday, and basically I am doing this to add some light to your week! In Sunshine Sunday, I will pick a bible verse that can inspire you to do the best that you can the rest of the week! Todays verse for Sunshine Sunday will be Isaiah 40:31(KJV)- “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

This verse means that we must always build up our faith in the lord and to never lose hope. But the times that we might lose hope and think that our circumstances could not get any worse, the Lord will renew our strength if we have excepted him as our savior. The phrase”Mount up”, translates into the Hebrew word” ˈalah”, which means “to go up, ascend, to go up over a boundary.” This is God telling us to keep pressing on and not give up because the Lord knows what is best for us in the long run. So stay courageous, and know that God will be with us through the worst of it, and to not give up.

As you might have noticed, this is the verse that I picked the title of this blog from. It is a very inspiring verse for me, and for teens going through things in general.

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Ways that Homeschoolers can get involved in the community

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Hey Guys! Todays subject will be on: Ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

So I know for some home schoolers it is difficult to get out and get involved in the same things as teens that go to public schools. Most high schools and middle schools will not let home schoolers get involved with school clubs, activities, and sport teams. So here are some ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

1 – Join your local home school group: You can look up home school groups for your area and join at a very low cost. Most groups will go monthly and do activities, and some even have sports teams for home schoolers.

2 – Find out a career that you like and research it: There are many advantages of home schooling, one is that you have a very flexible schedule. In your area, look for different career exploring opportunities such as police, fire department, and nurse exploring. You can also look for apprenticeship opportunities for skilled labor jobs such as; carpentry, plumbing, and landscaping.

3 – If you like sports, get involved in your local recreation center: Most recreation center offer a variety of sports for all different ages. All home schoolers and public schoolers can participate in these sports.

4- If you want to be in the military: There are so many opportunities out there for youth and teens that want to join the military. Some of these organizations are better than others, but here is a short list. Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets. The Young Marines is a great way to get a head start if you want to join the Marine Corps, to join, you have to be between the ages of 8 and 18. Civil Air Patrol is great for teens that want to join the Air Force, to join as a cadet, you have to be between the ages of 12 and 18. By being in the Civil Air Patrol for 3 years, or until you reach the rank of 2nd L.T, when you are ready to join the Air Force, you can join as a E-3. Last but not least, the Sea Cadets is great for you if you want to join the US Navy.

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How to Join Civil Air Patrol


Hey Guys! Todays post will be on How To Join Civil Air Patrol(CAP) as a cadet. So maybe you have seen things about CAP on the internet that really intrigued you and you really want to join. The first step in doing this would be to visit a CAP squadron. To start this process, go to the website: gocivilairpatrol.com. On the right side of this page where it says: “find a squadron near you” enter your postal code or city and state, and it will find a CAP squadron near you.

After you find your nearest squadron, it will show you the squadrons website or Facebook page where you can find their meeting nights. The next step is to visit this squadron on their meeting night, to find out if CAP is really for you.

If you find out that CAP is for you, the next step is to go to two more CAP meetings after your first one, this is the first requirement to become a member. When you attend three CAP meetings in total, the last step is to tell a Senior member at your squadron that you are ready to join. Some squadrons make you complete an application and send it by mail, and others let you complete this process online.

After you sign up and are officially a member, you will receive your first leadership book, CAP identification card, and aerospace books in the mail in a few days. Congratulations! You are now a member of CAP!

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