Would You Want Someone To Help You?

Hey guys! For todays post I would like to talk about how you can serve others, and some tips that have helped me. A lot of times, I find myself thinking more about myself than serving others, and I am sure that you guys have this problem sometimes also.
So one thing that I was told a while ago about serving others is that you have to ask yourself this; “Would I want someone to help me do this”? Asking myself this when I run across someone who needs help always encourages me to give them a hand.

One thing that you always need to remember also is that you are on this earth to help other people and be a witness for God. So you always need to be on the lookout for some way that you can serve someone.
You can be of help to someone in many different ways, one of these is just giving someone your time. If you see someone setting alone in a corner go and talk to them, by doing this you are helping this person. You don’t even have to go out of your home to be of help to people, you can help your parents and siblings at your own house.

lastly, you want to serve people with the right mindset. Are you helping this person so that you will be noticed, or are you doing it for God? Always remember the real reason you should help people, and that is to glorify God.
I hope that you enjoyed this short post! if you have any questions or comments please leave them bellow or in the contact section at the top of the page.

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