The Reason Behind My Career Choice: Why I Want To Be A Firefighter

Hey guys! Todays post is going to be about why I choose to be a firefighter as my future career, and some tips and how you can choose your future career.


When I was younger, I remember hearing heroic stories from my grandpa about when he was a firefighter. I will always remember those stories, but as a young boy I always pondered the question, “Why would these firefighters risk their lives any day to save mine or someone else?” As the 15-year-old Mebane Fire Department explorer, I have now found the answer to this  question. Firefighters all around the world are of a different kind, a kind that would face death everyday to save the lives of you and I, and I want to be apart of this firefighting family.

As I got a little older, my grandpa told me about a program that they had at the fire department he worked at. He said that it let 14-18 year olds explorer the firefighting career first hand. So when I turned 14, I thought that I would ask my local fire department if they had a program such as this. Turns out that they had just started a fire exploring program, and that I could come back for an interview the next week.

Before I knew it, I had been in the Mebane Fire explorers program for more than a year. In the last year I have done more than I thought I would ever do. I have met great firefighters that have helped me so much through my journey of preparing to become a paid firefighter. I have went to wreak scenes, went into fires, and treated a life treating dog bite.

So that is my story, now to some tips that can help you guys choose your future career.

Pick something that you will like: Pick a job that you will enjoy. This will not only make you more excited to go to work everyday, but it will also make you do your job better.

Don’t let people tell you that you will never get the job: I have heard so many times from family members and friends, “There are not many of those jobs, you will never get that job”. Or, “ You have to go to college for so many years, or you have to get so many certifications, you will never make it through”. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t get the job, because if you work hard enough, you can get that job that only 5-9 people have.

Prepare yourself for the job well in advance: If you can, explorer the career that you chose, or start learning things that will help you for this job.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them bellow or in the contact section at the top of the page.


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