Welcome to Wings As Eagles! This is a blog mainly for teens and home schoolers but can be of help to anyone! With the struggles that teens go through, I want this blog to be a place that you can go to for help, guidance, and just a laugh once and awhile! Here is also a little bit about myself, the author of this blog.

I am a teen like the rest of you, born in February 2002, and now the oldest of seven kids. I live in beautiful North Carolina, and love adventure, and just having fun with my friends. I am currently a Civil Air Patrol cadet and a Fire Department Explorer Lieutenant. My goals for my teen years is to get my Fire Science

degree, and become a full-time firefighter. With thanks to the many people who have helped me in Civil Air Patrol and the Fire Department, I would like to intern help you guys in any way possible!

Thanks for reading, and please visit Wings As Eagles every day for new posts, and coming soon weekly vlogs! If you enjoyed these posts, please leave a comment and email me at gavyn@flylikeaneagle.info if you would like to request a topic for a future post.