Would You Want Someone To Help You?

Hey guys! For todays post I would like to talk about how you can serve others, and some tips that have helped me. A lot of times, I find myself thinking more about myself than serving others, and I am sure that you guys have this problem sometimes also.
So one thing that I was told a while ago about serving others is that you have to ask yourself this; “Would I want someone to help me do this”? Asking myself this when I run across someone who needs help always encourages me to give them a hand.

One thing that you always need to remember also is that you are on this earth to help other people and be a witness for God. So you always need to be on the lookout for some way that you can serve someone.
You can be of help to someone in many different ways, one of these is just giving someone your time. If you see someone setting alone in a corner go and talk to them, by doing this you are helping this person. You don’t even have to go out of your home to be of help to people, you can help your parents and siblings at your own house.

lastly, you want to serve people with the right mindset. Are you helping this person so that you will be noticed, or are you doing it for God? Always remember the real reason you should help people, and that is to glorify God.
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My Drivers Ed Experience: Tips For Passing Drivers Ed

Hey guys! In today’s post, I will be sharing my drivers ed experience with you, and a few tips on how to pass and do well.

At the beginning of last year, my mom signed me up for drivers ed that our local home school group was hosting. As most of you may know, drivers ed normally last longer than a week at a normal public school. But not for home schoolers, we like to always take the slightly difficult route.

At the beginning of last year untill summer when I was scheduled to attend the class, my Pawpaw was letting me drive some and teaching me the road signs as we drove. As summer rolled around, I soon found out that some of my friends were also attending the same drivers ed class as me. I thought for sure that drivers ed would be an easy pass class were I could set back and talk to my friends for a week.

The first day of class came quickly, and I soon found myself at the front door of the church were the class was taking place. As we all went into the classroom I took a seat beside one of my good friends and took out my note-book. The teacher passed out our work sheets and then told us how he was a strict teacher and would fail us if he thought we shouldn’t be driving. After the introduction, he told us that many people’s lives are in danger when we are driving. I totally agreed with him having been to a few wreaks at that time, and seen the consequences of not driving safe.

By this time, I was pretty comfortable so far with the teacher, but he caught my attention when he said to look at the person beside you. I looked at my friend trying not to smile because of the seriousness in his voice. He then said, “This is the person that will kill you in a car accident.”

I saw the smile drop from everyone’s face. I then knew that this dude did not take the privilege of being able to drive lightly!

The next few days were filled with watching gruesome videos of people getting into wreaks, these were meant stick in our minds to keep us cautious when on the road. To be honest, this was probably the second most stressful week of my life, because of trying to learn all of this information after I got home every night. Not to mention the time I forgot my lunch one day( I almost died).

By the end of the week I was so nervous about taking the test to pass the class. I though for sure I would fail, (at the time I did not know that the test was 200 questions long). But to end the story, I did pass, and got my permit on my birthday this year. So let me share some tips with you for passing drivers ed.

Listen during class: Bring a notebook and take notes while your teacher is talking, because if you are like me, you learn better when someone is explaining it to you.

Study outside of class: Yes, you should take notes and pay attention during class, but you also have to study on your own when you get home.

Remember that you are learning important information: After drivers ed when you take the test and get your permit, when you drive, you have people’s lives basically in your hand. Don’t drive recklessly, or abuse your privilege of driving on roads and highways. Because if you do, this privilege could be taking away in a second, and you could affect many people’s lives.

Don’t stress about failing the class: If you practise the tips above, you will easily pass drivers ed. A lot of road safety and driving is basically common sense and things that you have been taught since you were little.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions about drivers ed, or want to tell me about your drivers ed experience, leave a comment bellow or in the contact section!




Tips For Going Away From Home For The First Time

Hey guys! Todays post will be tips for teens who are getting ready to go away from home for the first time. I know for some home schoolers like myself, we don’t leave home very much. So I hope this will help calm someone who is leaving home for the first time.

My story of going away from home for the first time is going to Civil Air Patrol(CAP) encampment a little more than a year ago. This is a week-long event were CAP cadets learn the basic skills they will need to be in CAP. It is basically boot camp for CAP cadets.

At the age of 14, I had never been away from home overnight without my family. So a week away from home in another state seemed like a nightmare. How my brother and I made it through that week, I have no idea.

The first day was the worst. Stepping into a room filled with higher ranking cadets screaming commands at you every second. Having to sit and stand at attention looking straight ahead even at all meals. But let me share a few tips that helped me make it through that week.

Don’t be shy, make friends: If you are going to a summer camp, or sport camp, make new friends. These new friends are the people who will help you make it through your first time away from home. That is one of the mistakes that I made my first few days away from home. Friends will help keep your mind away from home, and this might be their first time away from home also.

Don’t spend all of your time thinking about home, and not enjoy the experience: You need to live in the moment, don’t think about home, but focus on the experience you are having. You will enjoy your first time away from home by practicing this.

Before you leave home, don’t spend so much time worrying about it: One of the mistakes that I made is doing this very thing. Before I left, I spent so much time worrying about how it would be. But after the trip, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Don’t be afraid to go away from home for the first time: Don’t pass up great opportunities just because you haven’t been away from home before. As you get older, there will be many opportunities for teens. But a lot of these may require you to be away from home for a few days or weeks. Don’t be afraid to be away from home for the first time.

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Ways that Homeschoolers can get involved in the community

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Hey Guys! Todays subject will be on: Ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

So I know for some home schoolers it is difficult to get out and get involved in the same things as teens that go to public schools. Most high schools and middle schools will not let home schoolers get involved with school clubs, activities, and sport teams. So here are some ways that home schoolers can get involved in the community.

1 – Join your local home school group: You can look up home school groups for your area and join at a very low cost. Most groups will go monthly and do activities, and some even have sports teams for home schoolers.

2 – Find out a career that you like and research it: There are many advantages of home schooling, one is that you have a very flexible schedule. In your area, look for different career exploring opportunities such as police, fire department, and nurse exploring. You can also look for apprenticeship opportunities for skilled labor jobs such as; carpentry, plumbing, and landscaping.

3 – If you like sports, get involved in your local recreation center: Most recreation center offer a variety of sports for all different ages. All home schoolers and public schoolers can participate in these sports.

4- If you want to be in the military: There are so many opportunities out there for youth and teens that want to join the military. Some of these organizations are better than others, but here is a short list. Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets. The Young Marines is a great way to get a head start if you want to join the Marine Corps, to join, you have to be between the ages of 8 and 18. Civil Air Patrol is great for teens that want to join the Air Force, to join as a cadet, you have to be between the ages of 12 and 18. By being in the Civil Air Patrol for 3 years, or until you reach the rank of 2nd L.T, when you are ready to join the Air Force, you can join as a E-3. Last but not least, the Sea Cadets is great for you if you want to join the US Navy.

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Gavyn Morton