Nerf Gun Game Ideas

Hey Guys!  Today I am going to write a short post on games that you can play with Nerf guns. I hope that you enjoy this short fun post, because I know that all of us still play with Nerf guns from time to time!

Capture the flag: This is a fun game that can be played with 4-6 people with Nerf guns. The basics of this game is for each team to have their own flag, and for the other team to capture it. The rules are that if you get shot, you have to go back to base to re spawn. But if you get shot while standing on the base, you have to wait 5 seconds until you can re spawn.

Traders: This game can be played with 4-6 people also. To start the game, you will need to make a piece of paper for every person that is playing. On the paper, you will write “trader” on one of every 2 people playing, and leave the other ones blank. You will give everyone a card randomly, and everyone will look at their card. Next, everyone closes their eyes, and only the traders look around to see one another. The object of the game is for the traders to shoot everyone, but when the traders shoot someone, the person is now a trader. If the non traders shoot all the traders they win, but if the traders shoot all the non traders, they win.

Team death match: This is one of the more common games played with Nerf guns. For this game, you can play with as many people as you want. The object of the game is to shoot everyone on the other team without dying. The rules are you can have 2 re spawns, and you have to wait 10 seconds after getting shot until you can start playing again.

I love playing these games with my family, and it is also a way to get some exercise in the afternoon. You can play these games with any Nerf gun, but it would be more fair if everyone had a single shot gun, instead of one person having a magazine fed gun.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment bellow on your favorite Nerf gun games, or leave a comment in the contact tab at the top of the page.