3 Reasons Why You Should Dress Your Best

I know for teens, sometimes it is hard to get rid of those basketball shorts and tee-shirt. But as teens grow older the importance of  wearing nicer clothing also increases. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Dress Your Best.

  1. Wearing nicer clothes increases your confidence: Wearing nicer clothing is a confidence booster. It will make you feel good about yourself, and about how other people see you.  If you look great, you feel great.
  2. It’s a mood changer: If you wear the same shirt everyday, and wrinkled pants, your mood will most of the time be bland. But if you dress up a little, you will feel different, and more excited about the new day.
  3. Your future could rely on it: In your teen years, you will be going on your first interview for a job. When being interviewed for a job, if your outward appearance is not good that instantly kicks you off the list. My purpose in saying this is that dressing nice could be the deciding point on if you get an important job. I used to think that what is on the outside of a person doesn’t matter, but what is on the inside does. This is not always true, because think if you were lost somewhere. Would you be more likely to ask for help from someone who is well dressed, or someone with sweatpants and a tee-shirt?


I know for some of you, this might seem like a big change. But if you are going to start dressing your best, start with dressing nicer only a few days a week, and then everyday after a while.

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